To suit the age and individual needs of each child, our curriculum offer activities based on themes which are relevant and age appropriate. 

This approach allows us to build upon the multiple intelligences (logical-mathematical / musical /
spatial / bodily-kinesthetical / interpersonal / interpersonal / naturalist) inherent in each child to help us empower them.

Holistic Curriculum

We believe that every child is unique and aim to nurture every individual into community champions. Through our specially curated curriculum, we seek to inculcate values and life skills in our children’s foundation years.

Here at YMCA Child Development Centre, we prepare our little ones for transitions in their growing up years by providing authentic opportunities to learn and discover about the world around them.

Learning Principles

We set up learning corners to provide children with various hands-on learning experiences:

  • Create art, music and movement through imagination
  • Promote curiosity to discover and learn
  • Encourage independent reading and active listening skills
  • Refine control, coordination and balance in gross and fine motor tasks
  • Recognise and use simple relationships and patterns in daily experiences
  • Take responsibility of actions and form healthy habits
  • Develop an awareness for safety at home, in school and at public places

We integrate learning goals from Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework into our learning principles.

We motivate our children to express ideas and feelings creatively through art using experimentation and imagination. We also encourage them to share their thoughts on their experiences. A wide range of art materials are available for children to create their own masterpieces.

This social setting allows children to open up through sharing ideas and expressing themselves freely.

When children listen attentively, they demonstrate respect to their peers and their little minds also process why things happen and how they work. In addition to helping them build the confidence to speak to an audience, we want our children to learn the purpose of conveying meaning when they share so that they can develop self-awareness.

Encouragement is constantly provided by our teachers who use such moments to lead children to expand their thought processes.

Role-play allows a child to use his/her imagination to slip into a make-believe character. Children may choose to emulate adults who have the most impact on their lives; very often, it is either a family member, or a teacher. This fantasy fosters creative expression, social and cooperative skills amongst peers as they engage in such a group activity. It also trains them to model good pronunciation and expressive skills.

This may be child-directed or mixed with teacher-selected play. We allow our children to set the pace and this route of exploration will lead to new ideas and experiences. Through group play, children communicate, interact and build relationships with others. They acquire vital social skills such as sharing, taking turns, respecting personal space, following directions and develop the ability to collaborate on the “theme” of the play activity.

Children explore and learn to understand mathematical concepts best when they work with materials specially provided to reinforce lessons taught or challenge a child’s thinking. Discoveries and successes motivate our children to explore further. They will also be taught how to incorporate numbers, patterns, shapes and simple spatial concepts in daily experiences.

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