We believe that every child is unique


We recognise the importance of meeting the individual needs of every child.


We focus on the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and aesthetic development
of each child.


We help your child to develop a sense of self-worth and help him/her develop at his/her
own pace.

Our Pledge

We focus on the holistic development of every child, including their individual learning styles, needs and interests. We stay committed to providing our children with care and education of the highest standards, as we continually review our programmes to ensure that they gain the most out of our curriculum.

Our Curriculum

On the belief that children are curious, active and competent learners, we use an integrated approach to facilitate holistic development. We design appropriate learning experiences for them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Plan & Facilitate

Our teachers provide learning experiences that include activities within and beyond the classroom, as well as transitions between activities and routines to ensure our children acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions. We also facilitate the learning process to extend our children’s development by engaging them through purposeful play and quality interactions.

Learning Environment

We purposefully construct an effective learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, to invite our children to explore and experiment. We also provide engaging, stimulating and challenging experiences to facilitate their learning.

The learning environment is safe and clean for the well-being of our children. We also believe in maintaining a respectful space that values diversity to promote healthy interactions.

Observe & Assess

We observe and assess our children’s progress through:

  1. Finding out what they know
  2. Understanding what they can do

This helps us to plan for and build on their learning. By providing timely feedback on the children’s progress, we motivate the children while communicating to parents about how they can assist in encouraging their children towards realistic goals.

Reflection & Continual
Professional Learning

Our teachers engage in reflective practices to understand how their teaching practices impact our children’s learning. They also engage in continual professional learning to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to enhance our children’s learning experience.

Collaboration with Families & the Community

At YMCA Child Development Centre, we believe in the importance of collaborating with families and the community to enhance our children’s learning. By working together with families, we can better understand the children’s needs, which helps to enhance the teaching and learning experience in and beyond the classroom. On the other hand, building community connections provide our children with meaningful insights on the world around them.

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